Summer Marketing Ideas


While the days here in DC are getting long and hot, you may be looking for new ways to attract customers throughout the summer. Here are some classic and new ways to bring in those crowds throughout the season:

  • Summer Friday’s Happy Hour
    • As many people are enjoying shorter work days on Fridays, use this as a time to run a Friday Happy Hour from 2 – 5 pm! Feature special drinks and food options to get the most out of those summer Friday’s crowds.
  • Live Music
    • Host a live music series at your space weekly throughout the summer! It’s a great way to get people excited about coming in. If you are on a block with other businesses, split the cost of a musician and set them up on the sidewalk to draw in foot traffic for all of the businesses on your stretch.
  • Day Trip Basket
    • Offer ready-to-go baskets of sandwiches, snacks, and even a bottle of wine for those who love to take day trips to the mountains or the beach!
  • Summer Bundles
    • Create package deals combining popular summer items at a discounted price or Summer Food Specials to attract customers; such as a “Charcuterie & Spritz” combo!
  • Create Summer Playlists
  • Pop-Up Shops
    • Set up a temporary shop in a high-traffic location to showcase products and have a summer giveaway raffle. If you’re a coffee shop, bar, or restaurant, invite a few local artisans in to sell their products to increase foot traffic and bring in new customers.
  • Summer Sidewalk Sales
    • Move some merchandise outside! Offer a discount on those items, and entice customers to check out more inventory indoors with promises of air conditioning, ice water, or cold beverages.
  • Summer Pup Pop-Up
    • Put a kiddie pool out front with water bowls for dogs to cool off! Include pup cups and encourage pet owners to come in and shop with their pets (if possible).
  • Join a Local Market Event or Festival
    • Set up a table and bring your goods to represent your business! Meet locals face-to-face and make those connections. Include a fun raffle prize or discount that collects emails to add to your newsletter list.
  • Summer Discounts for Out-Of-Towners
    • In many cities, people head out of town for the summer. Keep the sales flowing by offering a discount for online purchases. You could offer free shipping for the summer or hold their items for pick up until they are back in town. Not set up for e-commerce? Hold a summer gift card sale on your website (e.g., buy one, get one 25% off).
  • Travel Kits
    • Offer the must-haves for travel such as passport holders, luggage, inexpensive purses, hats, sunglasses, swimsuits, towels, coolers, camping gear, etc. in a discounted bundle or simply advertise the offerings as a grouping!
  • Kids Summer Activities
    • Use Reading challenges, offer kid-friendly spaces during the week, or activities such as chalk, bubbles, toys, and books to keep the little ones entertained while adults enjoy their outings!
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