Waverly Main Street Hats Brand Development


Waverly Main Street Hats was revamping their website, but did not have a consistent brand identity or logo.

Established in 2009, Waverly Main Street Hats is a Baltimore-based brick and mortar that sells high fashion, top quality hats for the fashion forward. The owners, Clyde and Elaine, needed a website refresh. However, the store did not yet have a defined logo or color scheme. Before our team could create an e-commerce website for the business, we needed to have a brand identity to pull from.


Create a fresh new logo, and define brand colors and fonts for web and print use.

Without a formal logo or brand guidelines, Waverly Main Street Hats came to the table with a pretty blank slate. Through our formal design intake process, Waverly Main Street Hats defined their business identity as masculine, serious, luxury, modern, and classic. 

During the concepting stage, our graphic designer looked to traditional milliner and victorian-era shop signage for inspiration. The bold mish-mashed typefaces of those old signs really connected with the feel of Baltimore’s Waverly Main Street. Our designer also sought inspiration from luxury brands with iconic wordmarks such as Prada, Cartier, and Hermes. 


A “classic feel” brand redesign to fit the personality of Waverly Main Street Hats. 

Upon reviewing three proposed logos and color schemes, our client landed on their current brand. The logo uses two distinct fonts: Nautica, a luxurious script, and Ambroise Std., a serif font which lends an air of stoicism to the logo. We created custom ligatures on the “l” and “y” in “Waverly” as a nod to historic milliner and hattery signage. To anchor the logo, we balanced the script with Ambroise Std. for “Main Street” and topped it with a tilted fedora. 

To emphasize the classic, masculine brand, we created a rich color palette for Waverly Main Street Hats. The main brand colors are slate gray, deep crimson, and a warm black, accented by light straw brown, and goldenrod yellow.