Willow VIP Membership Program

Megan Flynn Marketing helped Willow develop, launch, and implement its first-ever VIP Membership Program to re-engage its most loyal customers. The artwork elements were created by Megan Flynn Marketing’s talented in-house graphic designer, local artist Addie Steinbacher.


Megan Flynn Marketing (MFM) developed the infrastructure for the membership program, including;

  • Identifying a membership subscription solution that would integrate with Square so that memberships ($125/year) will be automatically renewed (unless canceled by the customer)
  • Developing a protocol for processing new memberships and tracking the redemption of membership benefits (such as the free dress VIPs receive each year)
  • Creating a VIP member engagement strategy, including ongoing engagement tactics and developing an email marketing strategy.
  • Writing a guide for employees, with best practices for in-store marketing and recommended VIP member engagement tactics


Megan Flynn Marketing developed an email marketing strategy for recruiting and engaging VIP members, including:

  • Setting up an email management infracture in MailChimp, to include customer tagging and auto-segments
  • Developing an email drip campaign to engage VIPs througout the year, including birthday rewards and a summer surprise
  • Developing a recruitment email campaign to be sent to top customers


Prior to the start of COVID-19, the VIP program proved popular, and the VIP member engagement strategy successfully increased sales from VIP members. Additionally, the engagement strategy resulted in the VIPs bringing their friends to VIP events—generating sales from new customers.


In the initial months of COVID-19, the VIP program provided a much-needed avenue for the store to continue to bring in sales while closed.