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Modern, retro, wordmark—no matter what type of logo you are seeking, we can design a logo that perfectly matches your brand’s style and clearly communicates your brand’s identity.

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Restaurants & Bars 

Amen Cafe

Formerly called Amen Coffee & Juice, a key goal of the client’s rebrand to Amen Cafe was to better reflect their menu offerings and warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Our graphic designer drew inspiration from traditional Ethiopian artwork when building the brand’s new image. 

Anafre Pizza Pop-Up

Like many restaurants in DC during the pandemic, Anafre needed to adapt to stay afloat. The Mexican street food at Chef Alfredo Solis’ other restaurants, Mezcalero and El Sol, had proven to be a comfort to residents in times of uncertainty, but the seafood-heavy menu at Anafre wasn’t working as well for pandemic times. That’s why Anafre temporarily pivoted to pizza—a more portable, pandemic-friendly food. 

Anafre means “portable oven” in Spanish. As you can see in the original logo design, there are elements that suggest a chiminea or some kind of cooking apparatus. To create Anafre’s logo for their pizza pop-up, we utilized elements from the original logo and reimagined the abstract artwork into a pizza oven to create a cohesive sub-brand. 

Open Crumb Meal Delivery

In 2021, local restaurant Open Crumb contracted us to design a sub-brand logo for their new meal delivery service. The meal service would offer family-style meals, made from scratch.

Open Crumb’s brand is centered around honest, high-quality food—and we wanted their logo to convey the quality of what they would be, communicate that it is being delivered straight to the customer, and incorporate their existing logo. 

Childcare Centers

Soles Montessori 

We were excited to get to work when Soles Montessori (formerly Estrellitas Home) came to us for a brand refresh!

The resulting artwork was a simplified version of their original logo, with suns instead of stars sprouting forth from the home—a nod to their name, “Soles,” which means “suns” in Spanish.

Events & Programs

Woodley Be My Neighbor 

We loved creating the logo and artwork for Woodley Be My Neighbor—a new initiative by Woodley Park residents to encourage their neighbors to buy from Woodley Park businesses once a week or more. The goal was to create a friendly logo, and the watercolor blue and green fading into each other represents the connection neighbors have with their community and one another. 

Petworth Summer Saturdays

Petworth Summer Saturdays was a free concert series that took place every weekend on Upshur Street in Washington, DC throughout the summer of 2021. The concerts performed by local bands on the sidewalk in front of Upshur businesses drew crowds of all ages. We wanted the Petworth Summer Saturdays logo to invoke the arts, music, community, joy, optimism, reawakening, and engagement. Using primary colors and organic shapes, the result is a simple but bold graphic that captures the family-friendly atmosphere of Petworth Summer Saturdays. 

Cleveland Park Farmers Market

In 2021, the Cleveland Park Farmers Market approached us to develop their logo. They sought a logo that would maintain a strong connection to the Cleveland Park Main Street program.

To create that visual connection, we used the same brand colors and leaned into Cleveland Park’s Art Deco style. We chose crossed stalks of wheat as the logo’s centerpiece to symbolize abundance and nourishment. 

A Civic Plaza For All 

Under a grant from NACTO and in collaboration with DDOT, District Bridges’ Columbia Heights Main Street program launched an initiative to reactivate the Columbia Heights Civic Plaza for the entire community to enjoy. The initiative hosts free programming at the plaza each week. 

It was important for the logo to maintain a strong visual tie with the entity responsible for the initiative, Columbia Heights Main Street. Therefore, we chose colors within the Columbia Heights Main Street brand identity. The teal background used in marketing collateral is a nod to the circular mosaic artwork, which is central to the Civic Plaza.

DC Holiday Lights

In 2020, District Bridges developed and launched DC Holiday Lights—a new citywide event designed to attract residents and tourists to Main Streets and corridors throughout the city to see, shop, and buy during the holiday season. DC Holiday Lights is open to all Main Streets and commercial corridors in DC.

The DC Holiday Lights brand serves as an umbrella brand for the individual participating corridors in order to make it easy for the public to find participating corridors. The logo uses colors found within the District Bridges brand and incorporates a twist on the DC flag.


Organized by Cleveland Park Main Street, ConstructionFest is a 4-week wacky and fun celebration scheduled to take place May 21-June 18, 2022 to help drive foot traffic to the commercial corridor while it’s undergoing major construction renovations. Our graphic designer deconstructed the font to create the logo and used bold brush strokes and repetitive shapes to convey a “work in progress.”


New Columbia Heights

In 2019, Viva The Life Properties hired Megan Flynn Marketing to rebrand its newly acquired community news site, New Columbia Heights. During the rebranding process, the site became Columbia Heights Insider. 

The modern style logo captures both the metropolitan aspect of the Columbia Heights neighborhood in Washington, DC, while also emphasizing that it’s a community full of homes and families. The “Insider” seen in the logo is both inside Columbia Heights but also breaking out of the box in order to share the “insider deets” with the blog readers.

Columbia Heights is a vibrant neighborhood—when you think of Columbia Heights, you think of the colorful row-houses, bright and bustling businesses, and of its famous neighborhood portraits with the bright color blocks as streets. The neighborhood’s vibrant nature inspired the color palette.

Aleka’s Get-Together

Working with Aleka to create a fresh logo for her newly rebranded blog was a blast! Aleka’s blog is where she shares her tried-and-true party recipes and tips to ensure anyone can host a memorable get-together. The client came to us with a vision for a logo that would evoke the feeling of excitement and an “I can totally do that” mentality. The blog targets adults who are busy and really enjoy entertaining on a smaller scale, like having friends and family over for drinks or appetizers. In using a fun, bold font paired with an oblique serif, the logo shows the can-do nature of Aleka’s blog.

Music & Theater

The Alba Sessions

We had a great time working with James Davis Spellman and the talented Italian guitar player and composer Filippo Cosentino to create the logo and cover artwork for their original motion picture soundtrack, The Alba Sessions—a jazz soundtrack produced in Alba, Italy.

They desired a simple, modern logo with a classical font that would convey the movement of the music. We used staggered letters to suggest the movement of the music.  


James Davis Spellman and Filippo Cosentino wrote and produced Carlotta, a children’s musical about a truffle-hunting dog and her boy companion.

For the logo, our graphic designer, Addie, drew inspiration from medieval art and classic fairytale books to create a dreamy portrayal of the truffle-hunting pup. Within the gilded “C” is a smiling dog, Carlotta herself. She’s peeking in from the corner playfully, and is surrounded by vines and flowers. The red flowers symbolize the treasured truffles that Carlotta and the boy seek.