Lower Georgia Avenue Main Street (LGAMS)

District Bridges hired Megan Flynn Marketing to refine the LGAMS branding, develop a digital marketing strategy, and manage its social media. 


Megan Flynn Marketing worked closely with the client to further develop its branding, including establishing a color scheme and designing custom artwork assets for the brand.

In designing the updated branding for the Main Street, there were several key considerations—it had to compliment the existing logo color, fit with the overarching District Bridges brand, and be a strong representation of the Main Street itself, 

Lower Georgia Avenue Main Street is a vibrant corridor, full of rich history and 100+ businesses with people from all cultures and backgrounds. We wanted a color scheme that would adequately capture the vibrant, fun nature of the corridor and its businesses while also complimenting the existing logo design.  

Our team took existing neighborhood (building) icons and updated them to use the brand’s newly chosen color scheme. 

Recognizing the need to build awareness about the exact location of Lower Georgia Avenue Main Street, the brand imagery included hand drawn neighborhood names—illustrating that the corridor stretches the three historic neighborhoods of Pleasant Plains, Park View, and Petworth. It also added Metro imagery to represent the two Metro stations along the stretch.

Once the branding was firmly established, our team created social media templates that fit the new look and feel for the Main Street. These templates help ensure the Main Street projects a consistent identity across all social media channels.

Here you can see examples of those templates in use.