How To Capture Awesome Interview-Style Videos

With video becoming more prevalent on social media, an easy way to produce new content is by creating videos from interviews. Whether they’re with employees, clients, or community members, interviews can be a great way to highlight the work your business is doing. A quick, simple approach to capturing an interview is through a video call on a platform like Zoom. Read on below to find out how to capture awesome, interview-style videos!

Step 1: Plan Your Interview

Preparation is key to any interview, whether it’s being recorded or not. Take some time to write down the interview questions you intend to ask, and send them to your interviewee prior to your call so they can prepare some answers. This is a great way to ensure the interview runs smoothly and lessens the stress on the end of the interviewee.

Step 2: Choose The Right Platform

When conducting your video call, it’s best to use a platform that already has video recording capabilities. Zoom is a great option that includes video recording. You can also add an extension to your browser that records your screen, just be sure to do your research so you don’t end up with a computer virus!

Step 3: Restating The Question

Be sure to ask your interviewee to restate the interview question in their answer. When you’re editing your video down, this is a great way to improve clarity in your interviewee’s answers and will allow you to cut out all the parts where you’re asking questions. For example, if you ask “What year did you open?” then they should respond “We opened in….”).

Step 4: Setting the Scene

This video will be excellent content for all your social media channels—be sure it looks good! A great way to do this is to make sure you and your interviewee are both seated in front of plain, or uncluttered backgrounds, and are dressed for the occasion. Some platforms, like Zoom, have green screen capabilities, allowing you to change the background on your video call. We recommend doing a test run if you intend to use an artificial background to ensure it doesn’t look too obvious. Remember, we want the viewers to be focused on the interview itself, not whatever is going on in the background.

Step 5: Lights, Camera, Action

The prep work has been done, so now it’s time for the action. Before starting your interview, don’t be afraid to chat and get comfortable with one another. Be sure to remind your interviewee to restate your questions when they answer them and give them the heads up before hitting record just in case they aren’t ready.

Now that you have the basics, it’s time to make your call! We know that with these simple tricks, you’re sure to capture an awesome, interview-style video that’ll generate content for many posts to come.

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