Design Trends of 2021


With the ongoing pandemic, a new president, and major civil rights movements across the country, it’s safe to say 2021 will definitely be a year unlike any we’ve seen before. Amid cultural shifts and burgeoning technology in the time of COVID-19, the evolution of design trends are definitely changing with the times. Read on below for our favorite emerging trends of 2021.

Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Hand-drawn illustrations are making their way into every aspect of design these days, and we predict they’re here to stay. Illustrations are a great way to explore the personality of your brand, and leave a lasting impression on your customers. 

Natural Elements

We’ve all seen it on our Instagram feeds—the crazy cat lady of generations past is being replaced by houseplant parents. The craze exploded this past year as much of the world found themselves homebound amid the pandemic. As millennials and Gen Zers alike have fallen head-over-heels for the organic shapes and colors found in nature, the trend has made its way into graphic design. Artistic renderings of plants, celestial bodies, and more are prevalent in current logo design.

Socially-Conscious Design

With political tensions at an all-time high, social consciousness entered design in a major way this past year. Designers are using their medium to declare social stances, create safe spaces for open dialogue, and highlight the need for inclusivity in the field of design and beyond.

Bold Typography

Working with typography to create interesting visuals can be a great way to make your brand stand out from the crowd. Chunky retro fonts, bold block letters, and creative font mixing are sure to remain staples of design for the foreseeable future.

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