6 Ways To Promote Your Upcoming Event 

Written by Megan Flynn

Is your business hosting an event? In-store events can be an excellent way to generate foot traffic and bring in new customers! But first, people to need to know about your event.

Here are 6 easy ways to promote your upcoming event:

#1: Send it to the local press

Identify your local media “Things To Do” round-up articles and newsletters. Then, check to see if that outlet has a preferred way for you to submit events. Some outlets, like DCist, have a form for you to use. For others, you may need to identify the reporter who writes those articles/newsletters and then email them your event details for their consideration. Make sure to give them all the key info, including a brief description, date, time, location, and how to buy tickets (if tickets are required).

Bonus Tip: If your business is located in DC, here is a short list of outlets we recommend:

For more tips on getting your event in a newspaper, Jade Womack from Clockout DC recently published a super helpful Instagram post.

#2: Put it on event platforms, like EventBrite

Even if your event is free, and even if you also have it set up as an event on your website, you’ll benefit from setting it up on EventBrite. Many people use EventBrite to find events happening near them so having your event there will give you additional exposure—for free! And if you’re extra lucky, EventBrite may even choose to highlight your event in one of their marketing emails to their subscribers. 

The same goes for Facebook: make sure to set it up as a Facebook event. Why? Because when people indicate their interest in your event, it will show up in the feeds of their Facebook friends, which gives your event extra visibility. It will also show up on Facebook’s event page where people can go to discover events happening near them. 

#3: Submit it to local event calendars

There are many sites that have community event calendars where you can submit your event for free. Check out Patch, for example. Oftentimes, local neighborhood blogs have a calendar (for instance, Petworth News has one). Whatever your community’s go-to event calendars are, make sure your event is on them. 

#4: Share it with local influencers

Are there local influencers who are focused on letting people know about the coolest upcoming events in your area? Make sure to share it with them! A great example is ClockoutDC—an incredible Instagram promoting things to do on weeknights and weekends in DC.

#5: Promote your event on local listservs

Many people get their local news from local listservs and Facebook groups. Make sure you’re a member of any listservs and Facebook groups for your area. Important: make sure to check the rules before posting your event as some listservs/groups do not allow promotional content!

Bonus Advice:

Lastly, a quick tip on QR codes: if you’ve created an image to promote your event and you’ll be using it online (e.g., submitting it to newspapers and listservs), do not include a QR code on that image. Most people use their mobile device to browse the Internet, which means they won’t be able to use their phone to scan the QR code. While some Android devices now recognize QR codes in images, most phones do not and also most people do not know this feature exists. Play it safe and just give people the link to the website.

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