2023 Design Trends


For many, 2023 has been the first “normal” new year in a few years. As we all emerged from our homes after months (or years) in isolation, we found ourselves changed. For some, it was a newfound passion for a hobby discovered while social distancing. For others, when they finally gathered with friends for the first time in years, they had a whole new family member (or a few) in tow. Some people changed career paths, others moved across the country. No matter how we changed, it wouldn’t have happened without the shared experience of COVID-19. Now that a sense of normalcy has settled across much of the globe (at least as far as  the virus is concerned), designers and marketers alike are turning to their craft to showcase their new perspectives. 

Individuality & Diversity

Undoubtedly, individuality and diversity are going to be major players in graphic design this year. Inclusive, photo-forward designs will be all over digital and print advertising, and hand-drawn illustrations are here to stay. Subsequently, fine art and surrealism will step into the spotlight in a big way. Custom fonts and anti-branding will also be popular as brands fight to stand out from their peers.

Curated Experiences

In line with this trend, consumer desire for curated content is also on the rise. Designers will likely be tasked with creating artwork for alternative marketing tactics, while brands utilize user-generated content to keep up with the high demands of social media marketing. Gamification, as well as interactive and conversational marketing, will increase significantly over the next decade thanks to burgeoning ai technology.


Free-spirited 1970’s aesthetics had a huge moment last year, and we believe they’re here to stay. Expect designers to lean into nostalgia this year with retro color stories, and bold mish-mashed typefaces reminiscent of the early and mid-20th century. Societal stressors in the ’60s and ’70s were very similar to today’s. War, rising tensions between the US and Russia, civil rights movements, and more were on everyone’s minds. Designs of the era drew inspiration from the art nouveau movement of the late 19th and early 20th centuries, while also embracing the space craze brought on by the moon landing.

In an interesting pairing, 2022’s unwavering obsession with Y2K aesthetic and the aughts means that 2023 will fully embrace the power of the clash. Keep an eye out for funky font pairings a la early 2000s teen magazines, and bold, unconventional color pairings. Markedly, we predict colorful minimalism and vibrant maximalism will be fighting for center stage throughout 2023.

It’s no secret that the 2020s are going to be remembered as a decade of challenges. The global pandemic alone was challenging! Add to that economic instability, civil rights movements, and global unrest, and a lot is weighing on people these days. As designers in every field look to the past – and far-off future – for inspiration, at MFM we’re excited to use marketing and design to create a positive impact on our communities this year.

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